Wehrle MODULARIS ETК-EAX single jet cold water meter





WEHRLE MODULARIS  single-jet cold water meter guarantee German precise measuring results and exceptional reliability on affordable price.
The absolute separation of wet and dry area protects the totalizer from deposits and corrosion.
Therefore its rollers are always legible. Meters could be purchased with an mbus module or pulse output option for AMI integration.
If you get it with a thingslog data logger you will get from us with an additional discount of 10%.

Remote metering options

WEHRLE MODULARIS  single-jet cold water meter offers the standard remote metering and monitoring options as:


  • Ready for integration into any AMR system
  • Temperature range up to 50 °C (cold) and up to 90 °C (warm)
  • Nominal flow Q3 2,5 up to Q3 4
  • Nominal size DN13 up to DN20
  • Length 80 mm up to 130 mm
  • MID measurement accuracy class (Q3/Q1) up to R250 horizontal and up to R80 vertical
  • 360° rotatable 8-digit totalizer
  • Nickel-plated brass body
  • Maximum pressure load 1,6 MPa
  • Protection class IP64
  • MID and ACS approval


If you order a complete metering and monitoring set of a water meter+pulse output+thingslog data logger you will get a 15% special discount on the complete set and 1 year ThingsLog platform subscription for free.

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