Remote temperature monitoring



ThingsLog vaccine fridge mobile data logger system is a low-power solution suitable for real-time tracking and alerting of vaccine refrigerators.

The solution is based on a cloud monitoring platform, a nice and suitable mobile app, a low-power mobile data logger, and a calibrated temperature sensors able to handle ranges from -55 to 155  °C.

ThingsLog temperature remote monitoring is ready to use is suitable for temperature in rooms, equipment, trucks, containers and vaccine refrigerators.

One data logger could survive in low power mode between 3 and 4 years without a battery change. Batteries are replaceable if this happens.

The solution comes together with a global network roaming coverage so that you don’t need to worry about the network costs.

Remote temperature monitoring features

  • Network type: 2G or NB-IoT
  • Environment: air, gas, water, non-aggressive liquids (water) | aggressive fluids (fuels, acids and others)
  • Temperature range:
    • Standard sensor range: -30 °C : +70 °C  / – 22 F to 158 F
    • Custom request any range from -55 °C to 150 °C / -67 F to 302 F
  • Sensor location: Embedded in data logger
  • Power supply options: Lithium batteries
  • 3th party sensor integration: Sensors with Output signal: 4 ÷ 20 mA (2-wire)
  • Logger working temperature: –40 ÷ 70 °C
  • Low / high-temperature instant alarms
  • Data logger Protection class: IP 68

Applicable for

  • Pharmacies and hospitals
  • Food delivery
  • Museums
  • Cold Chain
  • Mobile vaccine refrigerator monitoring
  • Low power environment temperature monitoring in locations with difficult access
  • Water temperature monitoring in rivers, dams, channels, tanks and pipes
  • Temperature monitoring in warehouses
  • Low power independent temperature monitoring of other goods over large distances

How it works

The data logger wakes on a configurable interval of time (typically every minute) and records the value of the ambient temperature. Low power AI algorithm analyzes the data and if it is over or under a certain pre-configured range the logger wakes up and transmits an instant alarm. If there is a normal mode of operation the logger will wake up on a configurable interval of time (typically every 6 hours) and will transmit the currently buffered values.

You get the data and notifications straight on the ThingsLog mobile app or on our cloud-based web portal.  All our data loggers are remotely configurable over the cloud.

You can change reading transmission intervals, set/reset alarms and enable or disable ports. On one data logger, you can connect up to two temperature sensors.


ThingsLog temperature monitoring


 Network connectivity

Remote temperature monitoring solution supports two network types 2G/GPRS or NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT).

We support out-of-the-box global roaming connectivity.  Please check our supported county list.

If you need coverage in a different country, please contact us separately.

Advantages over competitive solutions

  • Designed with low-power in mind (no need for an on-site power supply)
  • Easy installation
  • Ready to go (no need to setup anything)
  • No dependency of local networks  or local power supply
  • Long battery life
  • Temperature alarms are sent as emails and mobile notifications
  • Ability to track temperature remotely even in situations when there is no power on site
  • Convenient mobile application for reviewing of current level/volume
  • Available for both Andriod and Apple mobile phones

How to start?

Download our mobile app and register through it.

You will be able to view test data and get a feeling of how it works and looks.



Additional information



Temperature range

0 -+30 °C, -30 +70 °C, -50 +50 °C, OTHER


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