ThingsLog electrical and heating energy monitoring data logger

From: 16 / month and a 105 sign-up fee



ThingsLog LPMDL energy monitoring data logger is a  2G/NB-IoT or LoRa/LoRaWAN data logger suitable for monitoring existing energy meters with pulse outputs.  One data logger can be connected up to two pulse output electrical energy, heat or gas flow meters.

ThingsLog electrical and heating energy monitoring data logger technical features

  • Two energy monitoring pulse inputs
  • Data transmission over 2G/GSM/GPRS, NB-IoT or LoRa/LoRaWAN
  • 2 pulse metering inputs
  • 2 ON/OFF normally open inputs
  • Configurable metering and transmission periods
  • Reconfiguration over the AIR
  • Ability to meter per minute and transmit per day
  • up to 10 years + battery life (10000 transmissions)
  • Works on battery or 4.5V
  • Replaceable AA batteries

ThingsLog energy monitoring data logger applications

  • Active energy monitoring
  • Reactive energy monitoring
  • Gas flowmeter monitoring
  • Heat meter monitoring
  • Heating energy monitoring
  • Get the energy daily consumption
  • Determine and check the monthly bill
  • Submetering
  • Alarms in case of  high/low consumption


  • Building owners and landlords
  • Utility operators
  • Facility managers that require monitoring as a service for water, energy, and gas consumptions
  • System integrators in the utility sector
  • Hotels, restaurants
  • Telecoms eager to offer low power remote monitoring services
  • Platform owners that don’t have their own data loggers
  • Factories and manufacturing
  • Farmers who need to monitor the energy consumption of their farm

How to order?

Prior to ordering, you need to know the meter/sensor that will be monitored, the network that will be used. Once you know that you will have to define would you like to get the logger as a service with a smaller initial fee or as a piece of hardware (larger initial fee but smaller tax later on).

Note that in either case all shipping expenses for the delivery of the logger will be covered by us.

Determine the type of meter that you have.

The first and most important is to have or plan to use a meter with pulse output.

Meters typically are mechanical water meters, ultrasonic flow meters, and flow mags.

If you wonder what kind of a flow meter do you have check this.

Determine the type of the network (could be 2G/GSM/GPRS, Narrowband IoT, or LoRa/LoRaWAN).


is the most widely used option. If you choose GSM/GPRS the logger will come with an embedded global roaming SIM card ready for use.

Narrowband IoT

Newer cellular network option offered by mobile operators. Available only in certain countries. We can again supply the SIM card for most of the EU countries.


low power IoT sensor network – cost-effective option suitable if you want to build your own sensor network.

If you need information on the network/meter choices please don’t hesitate to contact us.

ThingsLog  data logger documentation

Additional information

Network type


Energy meter type

energy meter with S0 pulse output, energy meter with rotating disk, energy meter with blinking led

As a service



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