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Maddalena CD SD Plus cold water meter  is a dry single jet water meter suitable for remote water consumption metering and monitoring.

CD SD PLUS utilizes a magnetically driven dry dial design and is suitable for use with either cold (T50) or hot (T30/T90) water.

The impeller is the only part in contact with the water, thus ensuring readability with scaling water or with water containing small debris or sand particles.
CD SD PLUS water meters comply with Directive 2014/32/EU (Annex MI-001) and have undergone conformity assessment procedure B+D.

The maximum measuring range Q3/Q1 (R) certified is 100 for horizontal position and 50 for vertical position.

The water meter is a good budgetary option for a mechanical water meter with ability to easily retrofit with pulse output and a data logger.

The meter is manufactured by Maddalena SPA (Italy). However it is used also by a couple of other vendors including Siemens (WFK meters are kind of exactly the same) as CD SD PLUS of Maddalena.

CD SD PLUS water meters are certified for use with potable water in accordance to MID and has WRAS approval.

Remote metering options


  • Maddalena CD SD Plus cold water meter comply with Directive 2014/32/EU (Annex MI-001) (1)
  • Hot forged brass body
  • Dual pivot for balanced impeller rotation under any flow rate and installation conditions thus pivots are made of non-magnetic, AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Inlet strainer with wide straining area
  • Protection against external magnetic fields
  • Internal adjustment device
  • Internal components are made of anhygroscopic, anti-scaling and hard-wearing resistant plastic materials
  • Protective cover available as an option
  • Nominal pressure (PN): 16 bar
  • Installation: horizontal or vertical
    No upstream and downstream straight pipe requirements
  • Maximum water temperature: 50 °C or 90 °C
  • The serial number is marked on the dial both in numbers and in bar code format (2)
  • A non-return valve fitted into the coupling comes as an option


  • Manufactuer web page
  • Why consumption monitoring matters – link

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