ThingsLog low power NB-IoT MQTT data logger




ThingsLog low power NB-IoT MQTT data logger is a device suitable for monitoring water, energy, or gas flow consumption.

It is compatible with any meter with pulse output and/or 4-20mA current sensors. Thus, the logger is ideal for IoT platform owners who would like to quickly gain customers in the NB-IoT domain. The device posts data over MQTT in a simple easy to integrate data format.  LPMDL-1102 has CE certificate and has been one of the first NB-IoT data loggers on the market.

Low power NB-IoT MQTT data logger applications

  • Water consumption metering and monitoring of existing water meters with pulse outputs
  • Flow monitoring – monitoring of flow meters with existing pulse outputs
  • Active/Reactive energy monitoring – for energy meters with pulse outputs
  • Gas flow meter monitoring – for gas flow meters
  • Remote low power alarms and notifications – through the alarm ports
  • Remote low power reading of 4-20mA current analog sensors (pressure, level, temperature, moisture)

Low power NB-IoT MQTT data logger features:

  • Frequency Bands: B1/B3/B8/B5/B20/B28
  • 2 pulse metering inputs
  • 2 ON/OFF inputs
  • IP68
  • With or without EEPROM
  • Configurable metering and transmission periods
  • Data transmission over NB-IoT
  • 10 years + battery life (12000 transmissions)
  • 6 uA consumption in sleeping mode
  • Replaceable battery
  • 2 pulse, 2 analog 4-20mA| 0-5V, 2ON/OFF alarm
  • Data is available over MQTT

Wiring diagram

Meters with pulse counters are connected to ports 4 and 5, analog sensors to ports 1 and 2, normally open ON/OFF to ports 7 and 8.


Wiring diagram



  • Water utility operators are among the most common customers of that data logger
  • Facility managers that require monitoring as a service for water, energy and gas consumptions
  • System integrators offering remote monitoring as a service
  • IoT platforms that need data loggers to fulfill their projects
  • Telecoms eager to offer low power NB-IoT monitoring services
  • Platform owners that don’t have their own data loggers
  • Farmers who need to monitor irrigation systems and water supply for their animals

MQTT data format

Data is published to the following mqtt topics:


<root topic>/<device number>/signal

<root topic>/<device number>/battery

<root topic>/<device number>/readings/{I}, where I is the sensor index for which publishing is enabled.

Root topic is configurable, device number is the last 8 digits of the serial number.

Digital port readings (sensor index 1 and 2) are published as differential counters. Where the last one is an int 32 value and all others are int 16 values.

Analog port readings (sensor index 3 and 4) are published as int 16 values.



Official product page – link

CE Declaration of conformity  CE declaration of conformity NB-IoT LPMDL-1102


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