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Zenner Micro Lora Review

Micro Lora is a click on LoRa/LoRaWAN radio module that fit on Zenner apartment Minomess apartment meters.

Zenner LoRa Micro


The meter has CE and comply with MID directive and has hygiene approval for Germany. It is suitable for use in Europe and other countries that comply with European CE directives.

You can learn more about the current certification of the Zenner Micro LoRa from the web portal of Zenner.


Zenner Micro supports LoRa/LoRaWAN Class A scenario in two operational scenarios – Scenario 1 is monthly transmissions of the current counter.  Scenario 2 is a daily transmission of the current counter.

In either of the scenarios, the meter supports alarms in terms of no more than five events per month.

Alarms could be leak tamper, backflow, but unfortunately, it is not very clear under what conditions and under what kind of a time interval for example the leak (non-zero consumption) is detected and alarmed.

The Meter could be configured through the optical head to use OTAA (by default) or ABP.

Battery life

The life of the battery is 7 years if you use transmission scenario 1 and 6 years if you use transmission scenario 2 battery is non-replaceable.


The accuracy of the meter depends on the way it is mounted.

Zenner Micro LoRa accuracy is R40 if the meter is mounted in a vertical position and is R80 if it is mounted horizontally.


The meter is suitable for metering and possibly leak detection. It is not suitable for consumption profiling.

You may find more information about the meter and the supported scenarios in the following document.

The meter is configurable through an optical head and “special” software that you have to buy from Zenner.

Data format

Please find the description of the data format here.


Good and affordable click-on module with LoRa/LPWAN connectivity. Due to the way it works, it is suitable for smart metering and not really for consumption profiling.

The price range for Zenner LoRa Micro (for a meter and a click-on) is around 40-50 Euro.

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