Baylan water meter with LoRa click-on module review

Baylan water meter with LoRa click-on module review

Baylan offers a  a click on module  for remote water meter reading and monitoring on top of their existing mechanical wate meters.

The benefit of this approach is that the click on is directly attachable to some of their meters and if those are preinstalled you can simply add it later on.

Baylan LoRa smart water meter



The meter comply with the EU MID directive. It has been used in Europe, Russia and former USSR countries, Latin America and Asia.


The click-on module is a typical LoRa/LoRaWAN class A device. The module is sending current counter and some alarm information on approximately every hour.

The click-on module is suitable for many kinds of Baylan meters so once you add support for will be able to meter and monitor small apartment meters up to large district metering one.

Battery life

The vendor claims 10 years.  Battery is non replaceable. Considering the fact that the module is sending data on every one hour and this is not a subject of configuration most likely 5 years 43800 transmissions sounds more plausible.


Accuracy depends from the meter. For example for KK-14 apartment water meters the accuracy is R200.


The click-on module seems to be suitable for smart metering and consumption profiling.


It is also good value for money available in our web shop on a price arround or even under 40 Euro together with the meter.

Final Conclusion

Baylan LoRa click on module is a good value for money suitable for both metering and monitoring of water consumption.

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