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Axioma W1 Smart ultrasonic water meter review

Axioma Qalcosonic W1 is a low power ultrasonic smart meter with LoRa/LPWAN and NB-IoT network connectivity.

The meter is available in EU, US, Australia, former USSR.


Axioma QALCOSONIC W1 is a product of Axiomametering  – Lithuanian manufacturer of smart water and heat meters.

Axioma Smart water meters


Axioma Qalcosonic W1 comply with FCC, CE, MID, NMI and has hygienic approvals for most of the European counties.  Saying all that the meter is legal for use in US, most of Europe, Israel, Australia, Ukraine and most likely to many other countries across the globe.


Axioma Qualcosonic W1 is an ultrasonic water meter with LoRa/LoRaWAN and NB-IoT.  For LoRa/LoRaWAN the meter supports normal frequencies for the regions 915MHz for US and Australia and 868 MHz for Europe.

For NB-IoT the situation is similar the meter support the ranges for most of the continents.

For LoRa it is a typical Class A device.

In addition to its LPWAN capabilities. The meter has also wireless mbus. This comes handy if you have to install the meter on a location without LoRA/LoRAWAN or NB-IoT coverage and still have to do the metering.

The meter by default sends last 16 readings. So if you configure it to send data on every 6 hours every time it will send the data from last 16 readings on every 6th hour.

Battery life

There is a battery life estimator in Axioma tools. Depending of the configuration the battery life could reach up to 10 years. Battery is non-replaceable.


As accuracy, even the most inaccurate W1 has sub models that range from R250 to R800 for small sized models up to DN 20. So that meter could be more than 10 times more accurate than a mechanical water meter.


The meter is configurable over an optical head. You can set any parameter from date/time zone, up to the frequency of reading and transmitting data. Mbus configuration is also quite capable and you can set frequency or reading and transmission and to specify which days of the week data to be transmitted.

In terms of LoRa you can specify basic or extended formats and should the meter join the network as OTAA or ABP.


In our online shop you can find Axioma Qalcosonic W1 in the price range of 55 – 80 Euro depending of the size and accuracy. If you are looking for a total cost of ownership analysis for your smart water metering and monitoring project please provide us some more details here. Our experts will contact you and will do the estimate for you including network costs, platform, mobile app and manual labor hours.

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