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Why it is so important to monitor tank level, pressure and temperature in our facilities?

Learn why it is important to monitor pressure, level and temperature in our homes.


Monitoring consumption is cool. Monitoring pressure, temperature and tank level is essential if we want to understand not only how do we consume utility services but also to be able to reason about the quality of their delivery or simply does the utility do a good job providing them to us.

Pipe pressure management and monitoring

Pressure monitoring is vital for water pipe distribution system. Basically pressure is the paramter that allows us to get instant knowlege of the current condition of the system.

Utilities have to deliver the water (no matter heating or pottable) in certain pressure range. Recommended pressure ranges are:

  • pipes that come towards the building the maximum possible pressure is 16 bar (1.6 MPa)
  • internal heating system the maximum pressure is 6 bar (0.6 MPa).
  • water pipe network inside the building the maximum possible pressure is 10 bar or (0.1 MPa).
  • on top of the building the minimum pressure value shoud be 1.5 bar or 0.15 MPa

If the pressure is too high that might trigger an accident and the system might soon get a leak. Than the pressure will drop so we go to the second interesting event.

If the pressure is too low, the water simply won’t be sufficient and we will have trouble either with water supply in our home/building/facility or with the heat that it needs to warm up during the winter.

Pressure is typically controlled by the utilities by pressure reductors. Here you may review a graph produced by monitoring pressure prior to the reductor.

Having a way to monitor and proove that the utility service such and your damage at home or loss of revenue came from is popular in insurance business.


Pressure reductor monitoring
Pressure reductor monitoring



Pressure drop in a residential building
Pressure drop due to a leak in a residential building


If you need a ready to use solution for pipe pressure monitoring please check here.


Level monitoring

Same is with level. If we have a tank in our building it is important to know the current level of the fluid inside.

As fluids we may have water, fuels, heating oil or aggresive fluids used in manufacturing process.

In most of the arab countries there is shortage in watter supply and each building typically have one or two water tanks.

Getting low means inability to live normally and a need to call the water distribution company to fill up the tanks.

Low level might also mean that a pump has a deffect and did not start in a pumping station.

Sudden level drop might indicate a theft of fuel from a diesl tank.

High level might mean an overflow – pump did not stop.

Bellow is a dashboard presenting tank level monitoring in one business building in uk.

Tank level monitoring
Tank level monitoring – combined dashboard


If you need a solution for monitoring of water level in tanks, reservoirs, dams or sewers please have a look on our water level monitoring data logger.

If you a looking for a ready for use solution for monitoring of tanks with heating oil, diesel or other aggressive fluids check our tank level monitoring data logger for fuels and aggressive fluids.

Temperature monitoring in water suply networks

Temperature monitoring of the water supply is important as far as if temperature drops under 0 water freezes and pipes/tanks might break.

For heating stations and boiler rooms is important to have monitoring of the incomming/outgoint water since this is an indicator on how good the actually system works.

Temperature monitoring is also important for cold rooms, cold chain facilities, vaccine refrigerators or in temperature monitored logistics business.

With ThingsLog data loggers it could be done in a low power (independent from the power supply) way with instant alarms for high/low temperature.

temperature graph
Low power ambient temperature monitoring



It is important to be able to monitor not only the consumption but also the environment in our homes and facilities.

If we have a tank we need to know its current level and get instant notifications if it rise up or goes low.

If our home, facility or business depends from the water supply network we need to have an eye on the pressure levels in the incomming pipes.

Finally if we want to gather reasonable data on how our heating system works it is important to log and record both ambient and internal temperature.

That way we can always correlate and make conclusions on the way the heating system works.

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