About us and the shop

ThingsLog4U is an online store operated by ThingsLog. ThingsLog is a commercial brand of iTransformers Labs.

Behind it we have placed our efforts to make remote mettering and monitoring a bit more customer friendly place.

The idea of the web shop is to provide ability to ThingsLog partners and end customers to purchase samples and get quotes for ThingsLog and our partner products.

Going further we hope that this web space will become with time also a knowledge source for advices related to smart metering and monitoring of utility services and environment.

What kind of products you may find here

  • Mechanical water meters suitable for remote monitoring
  • Smart water meters with LoRa and/or NB-IoT
  • Energy meters suitable for remote monitoring
  • Data loggers suitable for metering and monitoring with LoRa, NB-IoT and GSM
  • Complete sets for monitoring of water, gas and energy
  • Complete sets for monitoring of environment:
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Tank and reservoir level
    • Air quality
    • Rain
    • Weigth
    • You name it…